Frequently Asked Questions

What's so special about FantasyBoss?

We provide you with the features you expect out of a season-long fantasy platform and enhance it with unrivaled ways to interact with your fantasy buddies.

Does FantasyBoss do paid entry contests?

This year, it's on the Boss. Join contests in our lobby that are no-cost to enter and are issuing prizes. Public fantasy leagues will be available all season.

What is the Beat the Boss competition?

It is a ancillary contest that runs beside all of the private leagues on our platform. Individuals in 12 team leagues are eligible. Challenges are issued throughout the week. Answer questions, survive, then make your way to having your lineup do battle with the Boss. Win? Get ready for crypto and other prizes.

Is it legal to play on FantasyBoss?

Yes. All of our gameplay, terms, and operating jurisdiction within in the U.S. has been reviewed by our legal team and is in compliance with both federal and state law.

How do the videos generate on FantasyBoss?

Who do you want to talk smack to? Enter the chat, create a video, walk through the customization prompts, and generate. You'll be reaching new heights of laughter in no time.