Own Like A Boss

Why play on someone else's turf?
Be more than a player, be an Owner
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Own the Game

As fantasy players, we've powered the fantasy industry profits, but what have we gotten from that? Nothing... So let’s power *our own* profits instead.

Own Where You Play

Bosses own sh*t. Be a more than just a player, be a Boss. FantasyBoss is the first player owned fantasy platform. You can now actually own where you play. Investments start at only $100 (see here) and the window to invest is open for a limited time. You’re playing fantasy sports anyways, so why not let it work for you?

Ownership Perks

Ever try getting your old fantasy platform to make any kind of change/update? Good luck with that. As an owner, you’ll have the ability to help change fantasy sports with special insider’s access to shape our product & roadmap. You’ll also be the first to know about upcoming changes & features. Owner's get special FantasyBoss gear too.