FantasyBoss Rules and Scoring

Below you will find a detailed list of the default rules and scoring options that are standard for our NFL fantasy football leagues. The scoring options will be fixed for the 2021-20212 NFL season. This is to make the Beat the Boss game work correctly so you can win CRYPTO. By next year, we will have expanded scoring & league options.

NFL Scoring

All scoring is locked on FantasyBoss. Both public and private leagues use these settings. Scoring can be fractionally earned as well. Example 9 rushing yards = 0.9pts.

Offense Points
Each reception: 0.5 points
Every 25 passing yards: 1 point
Each passing TD: 4 points
Each interception thrown -1 point
Every 10 rushing yards: 1 point
Each rushing TD: 6 points
Every 10 receiving yards: 1 point
Each receiving TD: 6 points
Each return TD: 6 points
Each Off Fum Ret TD: 6 points
Each 2-point conversion: 2 points
Each fumble lost: -2 points

Kicking Points
Field goal 0-19 yards: 3 points
Field goal 20-29 yards: 3 point
Field goal 30-39 yards: 3 points
Field goal 40-49 yards: 4 points
Field goal 50+ yards: 5 points
Each extra point: 1 point

D / ST Points
Each sack: 1 point
Each interception: 2 point
Each fumble recovery: 2 points
Each touchdown: 6 points
Each safety: 2 points
Each blocked kick: 2 points
Kickoff and Punt Return TD: 6 points
Shutout: 10 points
1-6 points allowed: 7 points
7-13 points allowed: 4 points
14-20 points allowed: 1 point
21-27 points allowed: 0 point
28-34 points allowed: -1 point
35+ points allowed: -4 points

NFL Data / Scoring Rules

All statistical data and player likenesses are based on the data provided by our data company. FantasyBoss does not have the ability to manually adjust any statistics. Upon the conclusion of any NFL game, finalized box-scores are published with finalized statistics. Upon statistics being finalized, all results (fantasy points, winners, losers, standings adjustments, and other changes to the league) will transpire as determined by our programmatic schedule. While we strive to ensure all results are based on accurate information, statistical data updates provided to us significantly after the conclusion of an event may not be used.

NFL Roster Positions

Default Roster positions for FantasyBoss include a total of (9) starters, (6) bench spots, and (2) injured reserve designations. Your “active roster” can only contain 9 + 6 = 15 total spots. The IR designation does not count towards this total. The positions are as follows:

  • QB
  • RBs
  • WRs
  • TE
  • K
  • Team DEF / ST
  • (6) BENCH spots can be any position

You must start (1) QB (2-3) RBs (2-3) WRs (1-2) TEs (1) K and (1) Team DEF/ST. The variance in numbers is due to the flex position allowing you to choose RB, WR, or TE in flex

(1) IR spots are for any player you wish to disable due to injury. IR spots are counted separately from the 15 active roster spots, thus providing your team with a total of 17 possible spots. Should you have 16 or 17 players (due to using IR), other players on your roster will need to be dropped (or) moved to IR accordingly.

Draft Settings

Leagues are joined via the FantasyBoss lobby. Upon successfully joining, the user will be able to participate and draft accordingly when the date & time of the draft begins.

All standard drafts are based on a “snake draft” format.

  • The draft order is randomized (1) hour before the start of the draft
  • Snake Draft = “snakes” such as 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1,1,2,3,etc….
  • All drafts are conducted “online”
  • Participants may set themselves to auto-draft
  • Participants who have not set auto-draft and are not “live/online” will auto-draft upon the countdown clock being met
  • 60 seconds is the standard timer for each pick in each round

All private leagues will have the draft managed by league commissioners. The commissioner will be able to:

  • Set the draft as STANDARD (online) and complete as described above
  • Set the draft as OFFLINE (commissioner responsible for filling all rosters)
  • Adjust the draft order
  • Set the round timer for each pick (60 seconds by default)
  • Pause a live draft at any time
  • Back the draft up (remove mistaken picks, reset the clock, allow for re-picking)
  • Pick for any specific user (in the event of connectivity loss by a user)

League Formats

One league type is offered. This is traditional fantasy football “redraft” style leagues where each season users must pick a brand-new team. This applies to both public and private leagues. This re-draft style is always based around head-to-head gameplay.

H2H Standard

H2H leagues will allow fantasy teams to match up against one another week by week. Upon the conclusion of each NFL week, teams win or lose, and thus, the league’s standings change. Ties are possible if both teams have the same exact fractional score.

H2H matchups will follow a round-robin equal-play style where each team plays against the other teams in the league as evenly as possible. Any “additional weeks” requiring gameplay will transpire within the division (if divisions exist). At the conclusion of the H2H league regular season, playoffs begin as specified in the playoffs description.

League Sizes / Prizes / Entry Costs

All leagues, their size, prize and payouts are clearly defined for every league prior to the user joining. This is public information. There are no “buy in” fees or “league dues” for public contests at this time.


In order for a league to run, it must be 100% full. Leagues that do not fill will automatically expire and refund the users who have entered accordingly. Most standard (public) leagues are:

  • 8 / 10 / 12 team leagues (no divisions)


Leagues are required to have an even number of users. Custom sizes include:

  • 6 / 8 / 10 / 12 / 14 / 16 / 18 / 20


Leagues can also be set to have divisions as follows:

  • (1) = no divisions
  • (2) = 2 separate divisions (50% of the teams in each division)


A commissioner may set up divisions to group user’s teams into each respective division for the purpose of playoff seeding. For example, the winner of a division may have the 3rd best record overall but since they won their division, they are seed 2 and thus get a bye-week. Division segmenting also takes priority in the play-rate for teams where teams in the division will be played more than once if all teams cannot be played more than once throughout the year.

Waivers / Free Agents

Trades, Waiver & Free Agent Process Schedule

Waivers for both public and all private leagues will run from the first game (Sunday at 1PM ET or when the player plays) thru (Thursday at 4PM ET).

Free agent (first come first serve transactions) will be allowed after waivers are done processing, roughly from (Thursday at 4PM ET) thru (Sunday at 1PM ET or until the player plays). The only exception to the rule is Thursday and Saturday games. When an athlete’s game starts, they will automatically become a “waiver” player until the cycle fully resets.

Trades & Waivers process at 4PM ET each Thursday.

Trades can be revoked, or, expedited when a commissioner approves them ahead of time. The three waiver setting options are as follows:

  • Blind Bidding

Blind bidding works like a silent auction. All available players on waivers are available for any team in the league to place a silent bid on. At the time waivers are processed, the highest bidder wins. In the event of a tie, the team with the worse record will be awarded the transaction.

All transactions are kept private (viewable only by the submitter) until the time waivers process. At that time, all bid requests and player awarding appears in the transaction log like any waiver or free agent pickup.

Each team has a “waiver budget” and once it is exhausted, no additional waiver requests can be placed. The default budget is $500.00. Waiver bids must be submitted in even dollars (such as $17.00) and not (0.01). If no one claims a player before the end of the waiver period, the player becomes a free agent and can be added by any manager in the league during the free agent time period.


Playoffs for all leagues on FantasyBoss are slated with the same exact schedule.

  • 6 teams make the playoffs
  • Week 14 / 15 / 16 are used (17 skipped)

Playoff seeding is based on the regular season standings.

Week 14 = seed 6 plays 3, seed 4 plays 5. Seed 1 and 2 on bye-week.
Week 15 = seed 1 versus lowest ranked team, seed 2 versus other remaining opponent.
Week 16 = championship round for 2 remaining teams

In the event of a divisional league, the winner of each division gets the bye-week as they are seed 1 and seed 2.

Playoff Tiebreakers:

  • 1st Best overall regular season record (seeding)
  • 2nd (division record if there are divisions)
  • 3rd total (fantasy points scored)
  • 4th total (fantasy points scored against)